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Welcome to Hershey School of Dance                      

where friends and family grow up dancing together.

and arts
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at Hershey School of Dance,
we believe...


Dance is Joy.

Dance is Freedom.

Dance is Expression.

Dance is Community.


Dance is Life.

and arts

Intro to Breaking with JASON
Ages 13- Adult
Fridays 7:30pm
12-week workshop $165
DROP IN available $15/class

12-week workshop: "In this class, you will learn about the original hip-hop dance, breaking (commonly known as breakdancing). You will learn the 4 components of breaking -- toprock, downrock/footwork, freezes, and power moves -- while also getting more comfortable with freestyling and creating your own sets. With this being an introductory class, no prior experience is necessary. Wearing long pants (not leggings) and sneakers are highly recommended."

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NEW Dance Fitness: COMING SOON!

  This dance fitness class will be a moderate-intensity class that will be a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training while being heavily influenced by dance movements. This class is for both dancers and non-dancers age 12+. Drop in available 


  • Beginning June 1, 2022, masks will be optional in dance classes for all individuals. 

  • Masks are optional for all teachers and staff. Some teachers may request masks be worn in their classes.

  • All individuals should follow CDC guidelines related to Covid-19.

  • Please do not attend dance classes if you are sick. 

  • Individuals who desire to continue masking are welcome to do so.

  • We will create a supportive environment for all of our dance family.



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