S T Y L E S 


Ages 4+

Focusing on traditional technique, ballet classes instill self-awareness at the barre, center, across the floor, and performance. Classes begin at the barre, with focus on body placement and technique. Those skills are incorporated in center work and across the floor movement. Ballet's focus on traditional technique helps build a foundation for all styles of dance.


Ages 4+

Tap dance is a rhythmic style in which dancers are as much a part of the movement as they are a part of the music. Dancers will be exposed to many varied styles of tap dance, and their techniques and terminology. Throughout instruction, there is a strong focus on building articulation and rhythmic awareness, which are the foundation of all styles of tap, as well as the joy and expression of being a part of the music.


Offered to students entering Grade 1+

Hip Hop is more than music. It is a state of mind. It is a fun and high energy class influenced by a variety of other dance styles such as jazz, ballet and tap to name a few. It has deep historical and social roots in African American culture that include popping, locking and break dancing. Our classes focus on bringing out your individuality and unique personality through freestyle and movement while dancing to the music that you love and listen to every day.


Offered to students entering Grade 4+

Jazz dance combines techniques of ballet, modern, and contemporary dance, and has its own movement vocabulary. Jazz dance can take on many different characteristics and styles, and classes can be patterned in any of these styles or a combination of them. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, musicality, body placement and style. 


Offered to students in Jazz 2+                   
In this class students explore various aspects of performance.  Emphasis is placed on acting exercises, theatre games, improvisation, self exploration, and team and community building. There is also a focus on jazz technique and introduction to various broadway shows and styles. 


Offered to students enrolled in both Jazz 2+ and Ballet 4+ 

Blending the traditions of ballet and jazz with emotional performance, contemporary ultimately connects expressive movement to music. In class, students will share emotion, and practice storytelling through dance.


Invitation only; assessment by ballet instructors.

Ages 18+

Beginner to Advanced welcome.

 N O N  -  P E R F O R M I N G   C L A S S E S



These 8-week workshops are designed to give students a fun introduction to dance in various styles. 


Ages 6-9

This is a fun, high-energy introduction to Hip Hop.

$110 per session.


Ages 4-6

This class will start with 4 weeks of tap followed by 4 weeks of ballet. Students will be introduced to the basics of each style in a fun atmosphere.

$110 per session.

Shoes in a variety of sizes are available at no cost in our Shoe Swap.



MOVEMENT MAGIC Next Session Summer 2022.

Ages 3-4

12-week session, 45 minute weekly, daytime class.

Creative movement class designed for our youngest movers and shakers.

Students use props, music, and imaginative play to help build rhythm, balance, body awareness, and coordination.

$150 per session.

BEGINNER BALLET Next Session Summer 2022.

Ages 6-8

12-week session focusing on ballet foundations. This age-based class will teach technique, flexibility, and variations for beginners. Tuesdays at 7:15pm & Wednesdays at 10:00am. 

$165 per session.



Ages 18+

12-week session focusing on ballet fundamentals. Open to all levels

$165 per session.



Ages 18+

12 Week Session divided into four styles; theatre dance, jazz, hip hop & contemporary. 

$165 per session.


Offered to ages 13+

This year-round, weekly class is for students dedicated to strengthening technique in all dance forms by training muscle memory.  This class focuses on core stability, weight placement, and alignment to enhance technique in other classes. Stability balls of various sizes will be used in class.


Offered to students entering Grade 4+

This year-round, weekly technique class is designed to improve the overall ability of the student in all forms of dance. Students will work on increasing extension, flexibility, turns, precision and various leaps and technical elements. The class will be structured with a broad range of dance conditioning and will utilize centre and across the floor combinations to increase spatial awareness. This class allows the developing dancer to focus on technical development outside of their regular weekly classes.  Be ready to challenge yourself with fun, new ways to expand your dancing  skills.

ACRO Coming Soon!

Offered to students entering Grade 4+

6 Week Session introductory all levels class. $85 per session.

Acrobatic dance takes a look into tumbling movements and how they can be interwoven into dance and dance technique. Focusing on strengthening the core and upper body, the dancer will be introduced to tumbling technique safely. Starting with tumbling basics, including handstands and bridges, the dancer will build skills to create more advanced movements.

Broadway Tap 

Offered to intermediate and advanced tappers. Level 7 and up or equivalent experience. $85 per session.

This 6-week non-performing class explores the unique combination of Tap and Musical Theatre. Each week will be spent exploring a Broadway show and it’s unique choreography from famous choreographers. Students will learn choreography from some of the greatest shows on Broadway to National Tours to Regional Theaters across the country! Raise the curtain and lace up your tap shoes!


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